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Vision and Mission
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Barangay Alimanguan 


   Hon. Elena G. Tan                                                           Map

  • Punong Barangay                                      Hon. Elena G. Tan

  • Barangay Kagawad                                    Hon. Irving Y. Salcedo

  • Barangay Kagawad                                    Hon. Walter M. Caballero

  • Barangay Kagawad                                    Hon. Joselito T. Legaspi

  • Barangay Kagawad                                    Hon. Heartwel G. Baladjay

  • Barangay Kagawad                                    Hon. Rafael B. Palao

  • Barangay Kagawad                                    Hon. Marven P. Co

  • Barangay Kagawad                                    Hon. Jojiet P. Calipayan

  • Sk Chairman                                             Hon.

  • Barangay Treasurer                                   Mr.

  • Barangay Secretary                                   Ms.

  • Barangay Boookkeeper                             Ms.



          Alimanguan is derived from the word "alimango" of native term which means crabs of specie of crustaceans whose habitat is found in the "katunggan" or "bakawan". According to the old folks, the place is noted for countless numbers of Alimango which could be seen crawling in the street. The name was adopted by the first settlers who were Tagbanua composed of four four families; the Rodriguez, Martinez, Talibod and the Francisco families.

         Originally, Alimanguan was called "Aduas" and once part of the municipality of Taytay. Then it was in the year 1931 when the Barangay was renamed to Alimanguan and became an official Barangay after World War II in 1945. The first Teniente del barrio was Mison Gapilango followed by Marciano Gabin in 1946, then by Guillermo Estrada, Josefina Collado and Floresto Abrina.

        In 1972, when San Vicente functioned as a distinct municipality of the province of Palawan, Barangay Alimanguan was ceded by its mother municipality Taytay as one of the Barangay of San Vicente.

The first Barangay Captain was Domingo Caabay followed by Guadaflor Laya. Upon the death of Barangay Captain Laya, first Councilor Avelino Melendres took the post from October 1983 - 1989. However Barangay Captain Melendres was replaced by Brgy. Captain Silvestre Molo who won the seat during 1989 Barangay Election and served until August 1998. Upon the death of Brgy. Captain Molo, the first councilor Cesar Caballero takes the unexpired term. Brgy. Captain Caballero ran and won the two consecutive barangay election held on 2002 and 2008. Herecomes the new Barangay Captain Hon. Elena G. Tan who won this last election year 2013 and a former number one Barangay Kagawad.